Amber Museum in Jarosławcu

is private museum located in the coastal Jarosławiec. It was opened in June 2014.

Museum introduces the world of Baltic amber, it helps to understand what is this remarkable mineral. The permanent exhibition is divided into 3 main parts:

  • Amber Forest – the origin of Baltic amber varieties and forms
  • Mine – depositions and extraction of amber
  • Inclusions – fauna and flora closed in Baltic amber

The resources of the museum contain more than 1,500 exhibits, of which about 200 are presented in the exhibitions. Museum also prepared several dozen scientific papers and many short interesting facts about amber and animations that are placed on the path of sightseeing and multimedia kiosks.

The museum hosts temporary exhibitions related to amber or Jarosławiec surroundings, they are presented in the following summer seasons.

At the museum shop are available: souvenirs, gadgets and products of natural amber.


Muzeum Bursztynu w Jarosławcu