Museum have three main exhibitions: amber forest, amber mine and inclusions. Amber Museum in Jarosławiec also prepares an annual temporary exhibitions related to culture of amber or Jarosławiec and surroundings.

Amber Forest

Las bursztynowy
First part of museum tells a story about formation of Baltic Amber. We travel 40 millions years to the past to see prehistoric amber forest.

We can see resin dripping from trees and find out the type of tree from which amber originated. We can see creation of different shapes and kinds of this extraordinary mineral .

The exhibition tells the story of Baltic amber from basics so even a layman will appreciate it beauty.


Kopalnia bursztynu
At the next exhibition we go deep into the earth and discover the deposits of Baltic amber. Where they are, how big they are? How was amber mined in the past, and how it is today?

In this part of the museum are the biggest specimens from the collection, including a huge, weighing 2906 g lump of Baltic amber. We tell the story of endless travel of amber; first thru rivers, then thru glaciers, up to the displacements related to the Baltic Sea.

We also show the map of the world fossil resins from around the world.


Kwiatostan dębu
Some call them inclusions and others … a time capsule. It is amber that moved to our times fauna and flora from over 40 million years, often intact! In inclusions we can see the ancient world exactly as it was.

We can almost touch the matter, which millions of years ago actually lived, breathed. The last part of the permanent museum exhibition tells the amazing stories hidden in the resin. Little fly trying to get out of the resin trap,  grasshopper ready to jump and spider eating an  ant …

All of this have been preserved in a small, amber window and really happened long time ago!